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Is this The World’s Most Dangerous Infographic? Yes, it is.

WHAT ARE the odds of surviving this blog post? We’re kick-starting the year optimistically, with a new infographic; in fact, we believe it may be the world’s deadliest infographic. To see it, scroll down the page.

The world can be a perilous place you see, but danger doesn’t always come wearing a shark fin. Everyday risks surround us, even in unlikely, harmless-seeming places. Deadly bacteria may be squirming around between the keys of your keyboard, for example.

Working at Experts in Money, we talk to customers every day about life insurance and medical insurance. While the tone of our infographic is much more tongue-in-cheek than the way we speak on the phone, we hope it brings a smile to your face. Let us know in the comments at the bottom of the page.

The infographic is divided into sections to help you see more clearly how much peril you might be in. The first section is the ‘World of work,’ in which you learn how likely you are to perish at work – either from germs, or as a result of a more spectacular workplace accident.

Our second dreadful section relates to ‘Hobbies’, and the third, ‘Travel’. Reading these, you will learn about an eclectic range of deathtraps including lawnmowers and ‘marine animals’. There is also a handy traveller’s guide to the best final holiday destinations for eager pilgrims of danger.

Finally: ‘Relaxing’. Learn from tarot cards, showing the number of people in the UK who fell victim last year to chairs, hot drinks and bathtubs. Who knows how much danger our researchers put themselves through, as they went through heaps of A&E admissions to find these stats.

We hope our infographic doesn’t fill you with too much trepidation. It’s impossible to completely rid ourselves of risk (and why would you wish to?), but we can be prepared for the misfortunes life sometimes presents us with.

Don’t forget to tell us what you think of the infographic, and feel free to share it with friends you feel need an ominous warning!

Feel free to embed our Infographic on your site:

The World's Most Dangerous Infographic

Feel free to embed our Infographic on your site:

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